The Villages Wind Mitigation Inspection

You live in Vero, Florida, you will get wet! Hurricanes come through every year threatening severe damage to your home. You know it, your insurance company knows it and Vero Home Inspection Professionals knows it! In fact we know more, we know that your insurance company charges you an extra fee for living here called a windstorm fee. That fee, as its name suggests, is present because of the hurricanes that corrupt the peninsula. Insurance companies were constantly losing money on home’s that would be washed away, so they created the windstorm fee. It would not be fair to have everyone pay the same price despite their home’s trappings, so the wind mitigation inspection was formed to offset this and balance the power. However, without a wind mitigation inspection you are over paying on your windstorm fee. Most insurance companies keep you in the dark about this legal way out of paying more. Luckily you have stumbled across Vero Home Inspection Professionals; we are committed to giving you every bit of information!
There are thousands of people over paying for insurance simply because they lack the knowledge that a wind mitigation inspection exists! We are here to change that; we will have you saving in no time. Our inspectors know what to look for to get you all the discounts available. When the system changes we adapt, if a discount comes available while your home is being inspected we will make sure you get it. Our Quality Control Department will see to that!
Quality Control makes it so that your insurer must take the certificate – Your certificate of completion will detail every discount spotted with photographs. Our Quality Control Department will not accept rejection and your certificate will pass through your insurer’s procedure to getting you discounts. While discounts vary from house to house and from insurance policy to policy there is an average savings of 25% because homes built in the recent eras are built to a code that automatically meets discount requirements.

  • Wind Mitigation

    Save $$$$

    Save some money! Vero Home Inspection Professionals thinks that you are paying too much for home insurance. Get a discount with our Wind Mitigation Inspection!


    See to it that your home is offering the insurance rate you disserve. Most homes in Vero, Florida are not because they do not know about windstorm fees, or more importantly, wind mitigation inspections. You pay extra money to your insurance carrier because you live in a hurricane rich environment; this is calculated as windstorm fee. It takes the most possible money from you for living in Vero, Florida. You do not have to pay the whole thing, likely you are over paying in fact because your home was probably built within codes that already grant you a windstorm discount. You just need a professional home inspector to document these for you. Vero Home Inspection Professionals is that home inspector. Our low prices, quality control, impeccable inspectors and continued training make sure of that. We know all of the discounts available and can spot all of them that you can get. A lot of them occur in the roof: hip roof, roof straps, built after March 1st 2002 all get you discounts. There are some elsewhere: opening protection, concrete block building, strong supports, and others. We look everywhere getting you the biggest discounts possible and finding the smallest things that garner them! Vero Home Inspection Professionals, an above the line inspection for below the line costs. The inspection should pay for itself in about six months.

  • Four Point Inspection

    Older home?

    Wondering what shape your home is in? Get a Vero Home Inspection Professionals Four Point Inspection and find out the highs and lows of your precious home.


    You may have heard of a four point inspection, and now you are wondering what it is. Simply put, it is a systematic judgment of your house’s value based on the four main portions of your home. These inspections are usually scheduled by people with older homes whose insurance companies need a little reassurance on their investment into your home. Each insurance company has a different form they want completed with a different step by step process. Vero Home Inspection Professionals has a form that completes all the needs of all insurance companies in the state of Florida. Our company saves you time and money, no duplicate inspections! We do it right the first time and have your form available online, mailed and/or handle delivered to you and your insurance agent.

    The four points that are checked in this inspection are the roof, which is obvious do to the high stress loads it incurs everyday; the plumbing, a common problem giver when not used correctly; the electric; with codes changing rapidly we ensure your system is on par; and the HVAC or Heating, Ventilations, and Air Conditioning, which makes Vero, Florida livable in the summers. All of your four points must be working correctly to pass our inspection. If they are not you can find out about repair companies through us, if your four points are in top condition you may even be able to lower your insurance rates for having a structurally sound home.

  • Roof Inspection

    No house without a roof!

    Find everything! Not everyone, not even all inspectors can spot a small enough roof leak. Vero Home Inspection Professionals can and will. Our quality control department finds absolutely everything!


    Flooding is bad; flooding from a collapsed roof is worse and usually persistent. If you have a flat roof, it is not a matter of if, but when your roof will cave in, and if there is no way for the water to drain, then it will be sooner rather than later. Vero Home Inspection Professionals wants to help you get rid of that sloppy piece of work that is endangering your whole home. We can tell you what to do to get you the most effective roof possible, one that keeps cool air inside and hot air out, one that offers the most protections for the least amount of money, one that gives you the highest home insurance discount and is built strongly enough to take those harsh winds that come crashing through with the hurricanes. We will produce names of ethical companies that do work to impress. We will never lead you astray and stand ready throughout the repair to catch any slipups that may occur. You are in good company with Vero Home Inspection Professionals.

  • Full Home Inspection

    Peace of mind!

    Know about it! Vero Home Inspection Professionals wants you to know we care. We want to help you make the right decision when it comes to home buying, so schedule a Vero Home Inspection Professionals Home Inspection before signing off on any contract. We will tell you all about the ins and outs of your potential home!


    Act with information; only buy a home if you are sure that it is right for you. Vero Home Inspection Professionals can help you do that. We are inspectors, we know how to work a home, we find every flaw and high point, we are experienced, we are the Vero Home Inspection Professionals! If you are buying a home be sure to schedule a full home inspection. We will come out to your prospective home and do a full survey of the area. Once that search is done we send the document to our quality control center where it is reanalyzed for exactitude. All of your inspections scheduled through Vero Home Inspection Professionals must pass this stage. Then you are able to view it online or in a physical format and make a final decision.

    We have the education and the experience to let you make a fine choice when the time comes. Our presence in the area has been long, thus we carry with us a handful of decent companies that will be able to do whatever a house may desire. We will stay with you 100 percent of the way checking all work and establishing good relations with you and the companies.